Where Is Kiki The Monkey In Link’S Awakening?

In order to gain access to Kanalet Castle, players are going to need to find some fruit for Kiki the Monkey, who can be found outside of the castle, just to the right of the gates.

Kiki asks for some fruit, which means Link is going to need to find something to satiate the friendly monkey’s hunger..

Walk northward and cross the bridge that leads to Hyrule Castle. The guard is blocking your way, so take the pathway on the right. Follow the rigid pathway as it turns northward and it will lead to a bush. Lift it up to reveal a secret passage and then drop down into the hole.

Which gordos give you slime keys?

Keys are obtained from the following Gordo Slimes:Pink Gordo #1.Pink Gordo #2.Phosphor Gordo.Honey Gordo.Hunter Gordo.Crystal Gordo.Rad Gordo.Boom Gordo.More items…

What do I do with the Ciao ciao figure?

Ciao Ciao. Ciao Ciao is the first figure available in the Trendy Shop. When you’ve acquired the figurine, walk to the house BowWow is barking outside of, and head in the left door. Place CiaoCiao on the table in the house.

User Info: Drunkie. No, but you can buy back the Shovel from the guy at the beach for 300 Rupees.

Is Tarin a Mario?

Tarin is intentionally similar to Mario from the Mario series. Both sport a similar look, an affinity for Mushrooms, and both transform into a Raccoon at one point.

In summary, the Slime Key can be obtained by collected five Golden Leaves in Kanalet Castle, then returning them to Prince Richard next to Pothole Field. He’ll then let Link access Pothole Field, where you can find the Slime Key buried beneath the owl statue. Use the Deluxe Shovel to get it out of the ground.

What do you do with the bananas in Zelda?

The Bananas is an item you can get in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Switch. You’ll need the Bananas to bribe a monkey to build a bridge to Kanalet Castle.

Who do I give the pineapple to?

Take the pineapple to Papahl at the northern edge of the map, on top of the Tal Tal mountains. Next, take the Hibiscus to Christine in Animal Village. Take the letter Christine gives you to Mr. Write, north of Mysterious Woods.

What happens if you get all the figures in Link’s Awakening?

As a reward for placing all the Link’s Awakening figurines, you’ll get a lifetime discount on the Trendy Game… which isn’t all that useful! But you will get that sweet, sweet completionist peace of mind.

The Cheep Cheep and Blooper are special catches that appear once you’ve completed Catfish’s Maw. If the Fishing Pond has a glowing spot in it in the overworld, one of these two will be available to catch!

How do I give the bananas to the monkey in Link’s Awakening?

Link’s Awakening The Bananas can then be given to Kiki, a hungry Monkey found near the moat of Kanalet Castle. He will repay Link, with the help of his Monkey brethren, by building a bridge across the water moat giving Link access to Kanalet Castle.

Kiki is a talking Monkey that has appeared in two The Legend of Zelda games to date: A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening.

To enter, take an immediate right along the moat, until you find a Monkey. Provided you’ve been following the trading sequence until this point, you should have some Bananas in your possession. Hand them over and you’ll not only receive a Stick, but a bridge going north will form.

Where is the fifth Golden Leaf?

Kanalet CastleFifth Leaf After opening a door by throwing a pot at it, Link can find a Ball and Chain Soldier in a room accessible from the roof of Kanalet Castle. If he defeats it, he will get the fifth and final Golden Leaf.

Where is Richard Zelda?

Richard is a character from Link’s Awakening. He can be found in his villa in the Pothole Field, where he lives with numerous frogs. He normally lives in Kanalet Castle, but his servants drove him out.

You’ll see the crow on top of a tree on the left. Pick up one of the nearby rocks, and throw it at the tree to scare the crow. It’ll attack you, so keep your shield up. Hit it with your sword a few times to defeat it, and it’ll drop your first Golden Leaf.