What Is The Healthiest Smoothie To Buy?

Are store bought smoothies good for you?

Bought smoothies are likely to give you plenty of sugars, but not a lot else.

The Healthy Food Guide Chia, raspberry and banana smoothie contains a good range of nutrients – protein and calcium from the yoghurt, and fibre from the chia seeds, along with the sugars from the fruits..

What smoothies are healthy for you?

They’re all rich in vitamins and antioxidants and, best of all, they don’t skimp on flavor.Peanut butter banana smoothie. … Banana strawberry soy smoothie. … Blueberry antioxidant smoothie. … Raspberry avocado smoothie. … Tomato smoothie. … Kale smoothie. … Mango papaya smoothie. … Banana colada smoothie.More items…•

What’s the healthiest fruits for smoothies?

Some great fruit bases include strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, bananas, pineapple, cherries and peaches. Veggie. If you don’t mind the green color, adding a handful of spinach or kale is a good way to bring more antioxidants to your drink.

Is blending bananas bad for you?

Blended fruit isn’t nutritionally equivalent to the same fruit left whole, according to some experts. Although, of course, some properties remain present, including soluble fiber, blending can break down insoluble fiber.

Do smoothies make you gain weight?

High calorie smoothies are a great way to add calories and get an extra boost of nutrition. When someone is experiencing unintended weight loss or just needs to gain a few pounds, calories are the answer. Sometimes it’s hard to get additional calories from regular meals.