Quick Answer: What Is Another Name For Ambition?

What is a synonym and antonym for ambition?


Antonyms: indifference, inappetency, contentment, moderation.

Synonyms: aspiration, emulation, appetition..

What does ambitious nature mean?

1 having a strong desire for success or achievement; wanting power, money, etc. 2 necessitating extraordinary effort or ability. an ambitious project. 3 often foll by: of having a great desire (for something or to do something) ♦ ambitiously adv.

What do you call a person who gets everything they want?

People who do whatever they please can be called “solipsists” (those who believe “that the self is the only existent thing”) or “sociopaths” (“a mentally ill or unstable individual; especially : one having an antisocial personality”). The nicest words for such people are “inconsiderate” and “egocentric”.

What does adventurous mean?

adventurous, venturesome, daring, daredevil, rash, reckless, foolhardy mean exposing oneself to danger more than required by good sense. adventurous implies a willingness to accept risks but not necessarily imprudence. adventurous pioneers venturesome implies a jaunty eagerness for perilous undertakings.

Is it purposely or purposefully?

When you use purposely in a sentence, it should be synonymous with intentionally and on purpose. … When you use purposefully in a sentence, it should mean “in a way that shows determination and resolve” or, put more simply, “full of purpose.” The opposite of purposefully would be close to negligently or carelessly.

What is another word for purposely?

What is another word for purposely?deliberatelyintentionallywittinglyknowinglywilfullywillfullydesignedlypremeditatedlypurposivelyprepensely56 more rows

How do you use ambitious vocabulary?

Use a thesaurus to find words which are more ambitious. For example instead of using ‘big’ in writing she could consider using enormous, massive, giant etc. If they use ‘Big Writing’ in her school the teacher should be using activities to help them with vocabulary.

What is it called when someone does something on purpose?

deliberately; on purpose; intentionally; deliberate; intended; conscious; premeditated; wilfully; with intent; willfully; purposely; designedly; by choice; by design; advisedly.

What is another word for ambition?

SYNONYMS FOR ambition 1 aspiration, yearning, longing. 2 goal, aim. 3 drive, force.

What is ambitious vocabulary in English?

Ambitious means wanting to succeed. If you want to climb Mount Everest, start your own business, and write a great philosophical treatise all before you are 30, then wow, you are really ambitious. Having an ambition is a good thing, like wanting to get good grades, or to become a doctor.

Is ambition a good quality?

Well-aimed and supported by values, ambition reflects a healthy self-esteem and higher power of abstraction and visualization of the future. Ambitious people have a gleam in their eyes as they approach their goals. They vibrate at a higher level and have a contagious enthusiasm about accomplishing things.

What do you call an ambitious successful person?

achiever. noun. someone who is successful because they are determined and work hard.

What does witty mean in English?

1 : marked by or full of clever humor or wit : smartly facetious or jocular a witty novel. 2 : quick or ready to see or express illuminating or amusing relationships or insights a witty raconteur.

What is an ambitious person called?

other words for ambitious person doer. dynamo. hustler. pistol. sharpy.

What’s the opposite of purposely?

What is the opposite of purposely?accidentallyfortuitouslyunawaresrandomlyunwittinglycoincidentallyspontaneouslymistakenlyunknowinglyunthinkingly14 more rows