Quick Answer: How Do I Make A Text Box Without An Outline?

How do I create an outline box in Word?

To change the shape outline:Select the text box you want to change.On the Format tab, click the Shape Outline drop-down arrow.

The Shape Outline menu appears.Select the color you want to use.

If you want to make the outline transparent, select No Outline.

The text box will appear in the selected outline color..

How do I make a text box?

Add a text boxGo to Insert > Text Box.Click in your file where you’d like to insert the text box, hold your mouse button down, then drag to draw the text box the size that you want.After you’ve drawn the text box click inside it to add text.

How do you outline text in Word 2020?

Add an outline, shadow, reflection, or glow text effectSelect your text or WordArt.Click Home > Text Effects.Click the effect you want. For more choices, point to Outline, Shadow, Reflection, or Glow, and then click the effect you want.

How do I box an answer in Word?

To box the answer, you just highlight the final answer and click “Outside Borders” in the Paragraph menu. You should not box with a text box.

How do I unlock a text box in Word?

To Unlock Fields On the toolbar ribbon, from the Developer tab, under Protect, click Restrict Editing. The Restrict Formatting and Editing pane appears on the right.

How do I print without an outline of a text box?

To remove the border from a text box, follow these steps:Either click on the border of the text box or position the insertion point within the text box. … Select the Text Box option from the Format menu. … Click on the Colors and Lines tab, if necessary. … In the Color drop-down list, select No Line.Click on OK.

How do I change the border color of a text box in Word?

Change the border colorSelect the shape or text box.On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Shape Outline, and then click More Outline Colors.In the Colors box, either click the color that you want on the Standard tab, or mix your own color on the Custom tab.

How do I remove a text box but keep the text in Word?

Remove all text boxes border and textsPlease apply the utility by clicking Kutools > More > Remove All Text Boxes.In the Remove All Text Boxes dialog window, please uncheck Just remove text box, and keep the text option. … After clicking OK, it will appear a dialog box to tell you how many text boxes have been removed.More items…

What is text box used for?

A text box, text field or text entry box is a control element of a graphical user interface, that should enable the user to input text information to be used by a program.

How do I put a text box over a picture in Word?

To place text box over an image/object, you need to set the Wrap text of the image as “Behind text”. Right-click the image and select Wrap Text and click behind Text. Then place the text box over the picture.

Can Up Text Effect word?

Add an effect to textSelect the text that you want to add an effect to.On the Home tab, in the Font group, click Text Effect.Click the effect that you want. For more choices, point to Outline, Shadow, Reflection, or Glow, and then click the effect that you want to add.

How do I edit text in a text box in Word?

To change the text box shape:Select the text box you want to change. The Format tab will appear.From the Format tab, click the Edit Shape command.Hover the mouse over Change Shape, then select the desired shape from the menu that appears.The text box will appear formatted as the shape.

How do I fill a textbox in Word?

Click the shape or text box that you want to add a fill to. … Under Drawing Tools or Text Box Tools, on the Format tab, in the Shape Styles or Text Box Styles group, click Shape Fill, and then do one of the following:

Why is there a box around my text in Word?

It is the “root” style for almost all other built-in styles, and even for many custom styles. The bottom line is that if the Normal style is formatted to have a box around it, then there is a good chance that all your paragraphs will have boxes around them.

How do you put a border around a text box?

Add a custom borderRight-click the text box, AutoShape, picture, or object that you want to add the border to.Select the appropriate Format menu item and click the Colors and Lines tab.Click BorderArt.In the BorderArt dialog box, click Create Custom.Click Select Picture.More items…