Question: What Kind Of Wall Mount For Curved TV?

What is the best wall mount for a curved TV?

Loctek CM3 Full Motion Ceiling Curved TV Mount Apart from being undeniably cool, ceiling mounts are optimal for curved panels because they provide a full 360-degree swivel that doesn’t lock your panel into a fixed 180-degree viewing angle..

What’s the point in a curved TV?

By curving the edges of their pictures gently forward, curved TVs appear to fill more of your field of view than flat ones – so long as you’re sat in roughly the right position, at any rate.

Is curved TV better than flat?

Conclusion. The differences between a curved and a flat television are slight. … Curved TVs are more sensitive to reflections, and their viewing angles are not as good as those of flat TVs. They’re also more expensive, although this is mainly due to the fact that only TVs from the higher price range offer curved screens.

Do you need special wall mount for curved TV?

While the screen of a curved television may be curved, almost every curved TV has regular VESA compatible mounting holes on the back, just like a normal (not curved) television. … The only difference is that you need a few extra spaceholders for curved TV’s to make sure the curve fits around the wall mount.