Question: How Do You Get The Biggest Wallet In Ocarina Of Time?

How do you get the 300 rupee wallet in Ocarina of Time?

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap One can be bought from Stockwell for 80 Rupees.

Another is unlocked by fusing Kinstones with Mayor Hagen.

A third upgrade is found in the Great Fairy Fountain in the Minish Woods.

The capacity of the wallets will increase from 300, to 500, and ultimately to 999..

How many gold Skulltulas do you need to break the curse?

100 Gold SkulltulasThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time A Gold Skulltula Link is asked by the father of the Fabulously Rich Family inside the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village to break the curse on the family by destroying the 100 Gold Skulltulas and collecting their tokens.

What is the biggest wallet in Majora’s Mask?

The Giant Wallet (sometimes incorrectly called Giant’s Wallet) is an Item in Majora’s Mask that allows Link to carry up to 500 Rupees at a time. Location: Enter the Coastal Skultulla House near the fisherman’s hut and bomb the entrance.

How many gold Skulltulas can you get as a kid?

100 Gold SkulltulasIn Kakariko Village, you’ll find an accursed family of friendly Skulltulas. To save them, you have to defeat the 100 Gold Skulltulas scattered all over Hyrule (above and underground) while you’re a kid and an adult.

How do I get 500 rupees in Majora’s Mask?

Link can obtain the Giant’s Wallet from one of the men in the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village after collecting 30 Gold Skulltula Tokens. This Giant’s Wallet allows Link to hold a maximum of 500 Rupees; the largest amount of Rupees that can be carried at one point in the game.

How do I get the gilded sword?

Gilded SwordDefeat Goht (Snowhead Temple Boss) on the First Day or Night.Win at the Goron Race to acquire Gold Dust. Also on the First Day or Night.Forge your Kokiri Sword into the Razor Sword (Need 100 Rupees).Forge your Razor Sword into the Gilded Sword (Need Gold Dust).

How do you get the giant wallet?

The Giant’s Wallet is acquired by first defeating 30 Gold Skulltulas and then collecting all 30 Gold Skulltula Tokens, and finally bringing them to the third child in the House of Skulltula. He thanks Link for breaking the curse and gives him the Giant’s Wallet.

What are the gold Skulltulas for?

Gold Skulltula Prizes10 Gold Skulltulas – Adult Wallet (holds 200 rupees)20 Gold Skulltulas – In the 3DS version, you get the Shard of Agony, which makes a sound when you’re near a secret. … 30 Gold Skulltulas – Giant’s Wallet (holds 500 rupees). … 40 Gold Skulltulas – Bombchus.50 Gold Skulltulas – Piece of Heart.More items…•

What does the All Night Mask do?

The All-Night Mask is a Mask in Majora’s Mask that enables the user to stay awake indefinitely, which may or may not be a bad thing… Uses: Negates the effect of sleep brought on by listening to one of Anju’s Grandmother’s stories. To get this mask, you must save the Old Lady from Sakon on the first night.

How many gold Skulltulas are in Majora’s Mask?

60 Gold SkulltulasThis guide will show you the locations of all 60 Gold Skulltulas that are found in Majora’s Mask. There are 30 to be acquired in the Swamp Spider House and another 30 to be acquired in the Oceanside Spider House.

How do you get a bigger wallet in Majora’s Mask?

The Giant Wallet is the best Wallet found within Majora’s Mask. It has a Rupee capacity of 500 Rupees, the smallest of the three Giant Wallets found within the series. It is acquired by defeating 30 Gold Skulltulas in the Oceanside Spider House in Great Bay Coast.

How many Skulltulas were there before the temple of time?

45 SkulltulasJust move a Armos statue to the wall beneath the Skulltula, move that statue one or two steps away from the wall, backflip on top of it, then jump from it and hang onto the ledge above. With this, it is possible to clean all three dungeons before you enter Temple of Time, for a total of 45 Skulltulas.

What happens when you get all Skulltulas?

The young hero will earn their grateful awards each time he destroys a certain amount of Gold Skulltulas. Once Link has collected all 100 Gold Skulltula Tokens, all the family members will return back to their original form, and the Rich Man will award the young hero with a Huge Rupee worth 200 Rupees.

How many gold Skulltulas are in Ocarina of Time?

100 Gold SkulltulasOcarina of Time Link must collect Tokens from the 100 Gold Skulltulas in Hyrule, freeing each family member from the curse one by one by collecting a certain number.

How do you get blue fire in Ocarina of Time?

Blue Fire can be found in the Ice Cavern and Ganon’s Castle in Ocarina of Time. It can also be bought at the Medicine Shop for 300 Rupees. In Master Quest, it can also be found in the Gerudo’s Training Ground. Blue Fire is used to melt Red Ice.

What does the gold Skulltula on the map mean?

After you have defeated all the Gold Skulltulas in an area, a Gold Skulltula icon will appear next to the name of your current location on the map screen. … To check if you have collected all tokens in those areas, you must enter that specific area and check the map of that place.

How do you get 100 rupees in Majora’s Mask?

Use the Bunny Hood to leap across the gap and continue through to the roof of the Shooting Gallery. Take a right, and you will see a big Treasure Chest with 100 Rupees inside #2 Location: Stock Pot Inn On the Night of the Final Day, go into the Stock Pot Inn and head up the steps.