Question: Does Levi Like Mikasa?

What is Levi’s relationship to Mikasa?

Z127967 wrote: It is already confirmed that Mikasa and Levi are in the same clan but not related in blood ,so therefore they are very distantly related.

Levi is part of the main Ackerman family that posses godlike abilities while Mikasa is only part of the Branch Ackerman family..

Does Levi have a love interest?

That’s right – Levi’s love interest is cleaning! … But the most we have seen of Levi was with Petra. We saw how her father had decided to marry her to him and she had feelings for him.

Does Levi and Mikasa kiss?

When Shikishima (Levi) and Mikasa kissed in the Live Action AoT movie… :D. Rivamika, Attack on titan levi, Attack on titan.

Is Levi in love with Mikasa?

No. Romance is not the focus of this series. And if there is love, it’s usually implied and not shown on screen. In the beginning, Mikasa takes a strong unliking to Levi because of what he did to Eren in court.