Can I Watch Berserk 2016 Without Watching The Original?

Is berserk the same as 1997 and 2016?

The 2016 anime isn’t a remake, it’s a continuation.

If you want to watch it, you’ll have to first either watch the 1997 anime or the movie trilogy, or read the Manga at least up to volume 14.

This may seem a bit redundant, but I vote the 1997 series, then the Golden Age trilogy, then the 2016 series..

Is berserk 2017 a remake?

It’s a reboot. The Berserk movies post 2012 have an updated animation style and compared to the 1997 series, progresses much further into the Manga storyline.

Is berserk 2016 that bad?

In spite of all that, Berserk 2016 isn’t a bad anime. In fact, it’s actually really good. The reason I’m writing this isn’t highlight what’s wrong with it, it’s to highlight why its good in spite of those issues. I’ll be starting with the obvious: the CGI.

Is the 2016 berserk a remake?

Berserk (Japanese: ベルセルク, Hepburn: Beruseruku) is a 2016 anime television series based on Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga and a sequel to the Golden Age Arc film trilogy. This is a second television adaptation of the manga after the 1997 anime of the same name, covering the Conviction arc from the manga.

Is berserk 2016 worth watching?

Really, it only gets so much more flak than other iffy anime adaptations because of how profoundly well done the manga is, particularly in terms of art. … The 90’s anime is just how he met the hawks and the eclipse! But its 2D and great! I am disappointed in the new anime but its berserk, you gotta love it.

Is the original Berserk anime good?

But to answer your question, yes, the Berserk anime is good, although the animation is a bit dated. … Hardly, this anime is cutting corners where ever possible. Even for animation at the time the quality of Berserk is really poor.